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Becci Crowe | Artists for Conservation.

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The Rest of the Story…an Unimagined Adventure


Sketching Meerkats in Namibia

Twenty years ago if someone had asked me what I’d be doing today, I wouldn’t even come close to describing my life. I had just started a full time career as a wildlife artist and was about to embark on my first trip to Africa.  I didn’t know what the future would hold. I did know that I loved wildlife and traveling to wild places and I was ready to take more steps in that direction…..and share what I loved through art.

What started then as a once in a lifetime trip to Africa as an artist has turned into many life changing journeys. There have been all kinds of encounters with animals over the years, including a few close calls, and it’s ignited a passion to help secure a wild future for them all.

I’m now networking with conservationists who have dedicated their lives to protecting our planet.  But there was one I could only observe from afar. . . a trailblazer I had been reading about since childhood who has been an inspiration to me as a woman, a scientist, an explorer and a UN Messenger for Peace – Dr. Jane Goodall. She seemed unreachable.


With Dr. Jane Goodall at Wildlife Conservation Network


That changed 3 years ago when I met her for the first time at a Nature Conservancy Event in Seattle and then on two other occasions at the Wildlife Conservation Network in San Francisco.  Meeting her was something I had dreamed of – and held onto as a possibility –  and it was as exciting as I imagined. But that was as far as I had allowed myself to imagine. Who could ask for more?

My steps in the world are like the dots I place on paper as an Artist – one following the other, not knowing for sure what the end result will be, but remembering that as long as I follow my heart, everything else will come. And come it did.

Dr. Jane turned 80 on April 3rd and my husband and I had the honor of being with her at her birthday celebration.  I was a child in a dream.  Formal photos were taken but my favorite will always be this Selfie I took of us – poor quality and all.

Selfie with Dr. Jane at her 80th birthday

Selfie with Dr. Jane at her 80th birthday



And now the rest of the story……the unimagined adventure. I’ll be meeting Dr. Jane in the Republic of Congo at her Chimpanzee Sanctuary early next year. And, safety conditions allowing, assisting her with the relocation/release of one of the orphaned chimpanzees. There’s a Selfie somewhere in that experience!

What captures your heart? Reach for that. That’s your connection to an unimaginable life. And it will come – in ways you never thought possible.

Until next time,

Becci Crowe

Signature Member Artists for Conservation

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The Unknown Calls…Will you Answer?

Stepping into the Unknown transformed my life. I shared my journey during my recent TEDx talk now posted on YouTube. I was given 10 minutes. Here it is…Feel free to share and let me know your thoughts…

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My Summer of YOLO

My blog has been rather quiet this summer but I haven’t.  Little did I know I was off YOLOing.  I just found that out while listening to Katie Kouric during an interview. Here is a video slide show with highlights from my summer YOLO:

But it doesn’t end there.  I’ve been YOLOing even after returning from Zimbabwe.  Like today enjoying one of my favorite things:

Me & dark chocolate

I bet you’ve been YOLOing this summer without knowing it too – share yours and join me on the journey.

Becci Crowe Adventure Artist

You Only Live Once

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Where is home? Is it where we were born or lived as a child or is it where we end up? Is it a geographical place or a specific abode? Is it one place or can it be plural? Is what comes to each of our hearts when we say “that is home” always associated with the positive? Could you call something home if it were negative? What makes a location feel like home?

I left what I knew as home when I was 19. It was not the place I was born but the place I had lived as long as I was old enough to remember. The details of my leaving is another story, but my destination was Oklahoma where I subsequently spent the next 10 years. Having grown up on the Pacific Coast it was like moving to a foreign country. The land and culture was alien to me. Even after 10 years it never felt like home. I not only missed my family, I still missed ‘my country’.

I married a military officer and we spent many years traveling the world. It was exciting to experience so many new people and places. But as much as I enjoyed it none of the places we lived and traveled ever felt like home and I was always ready to move on. In my heart home was still where my childhood memories were created. Not a specific house – we lived in 4 different ones – but places like grandma’s and the beautiful wilderness that I was free to explore.

The Serengeti, Tanzania

Then one day, I traveled to Africa and something unexpected happened. The concept of home went deeper and wider than I ever imagined. I looked upon the great plains and woodlands, the high mountain ridges and the deep gorges of the Rift Valley that make up Tanzania and felt in my bones I was home. I don’t know where this strong feeling came from other than a deep primal knowing, buried in my DNA, that my roots were here. This feeling has never left me.

My concept of home has changed through the years. What is home to you? Has it changed as your life evolved? What is home?

Join me on the journey.

Becci Crowe   Adventure Artist

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Going to the dogs

Jane Goodall, Becci Crowe, & Greg Rasmussen

Plans are in the works to return to Africa again this year. It will be my 10th trip and this experience promises to be like no other.  My husband and I will be joining Dr. Greg Rasmussen, Founder & Research Director of Painted Dog Conservation in Zimbabwe.  No safari for us – it won’t be necessary – we’ll be camped out in the bush with wildlife 24/7  as we track, collar, and collect data on the endangered Painted Dogs of Africa.We first met Greg 18 months ago while attending the Wildlife Conservation Network  in San Francisco.  I’d been following his work with Painted Dogs and we hit it off immediately.  Greg’s friends include many internationally known conservationists including the legendary Jane Goodall.

“Painted” patterns are unique to each dog


Painted Dogs, also known as African Wild Dogs, are unique to Africa and among Africa’s most endangered species.  At the turn of the 20th century there were half a million. It is estimated that only 3,000 – 5,000 still survive. The population in Zimbabwe is one of the last strongholds of the species and Greg’s Painted Dog Conservation  is committed to saving them.

Painted Dogs have long legs, a lean body and large ears.  Their coats vary in pattern and coloration mixing black, grey, gold, and white to produce a unique painted effect.  They live in packs and are very social.  Only the dominant male and female breed, but the whole pack takes care of the young.

Hyena and Painted Dog




A question I’m often asked is how Painted Dogs differ from hyenas.  Seeing them side by side makes the physical differences obvious.  Hyena will take every opportunity to steal whatever the Dogs kill.

Becci & her guide in Zimbabwe in 2004 surrounded by a large pack of Painted Dog

On our last trip to Zimbabwe we filmed our documentary  “As Close As You Dare – Africa” which was broadcast by PBS across the US.  During our filming we encountered a large pack of Painted Dogs and found ourselves surrounded.  We captured some incredible footage that shows what happened.  (The DVD is available) While in Zimbabwe this year with Greg Rasmussen we’ll be searching for this pack again to record how they’re doing.

My summer adventure.  What’s on your list?  Join me on the journey.

Becci Crowe   Adventure Artist

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In the Virunga Mountains of Rwanda with a Silverback Mountain Gorilla - one of my moments

Captivating, amusing, beautiful, engaging, thrilling, pleasurable moments.  That’s what delights me.  It can be as simple as savoring my favorite dark chocolate candy bar – a big one – totally immersed in my comfort zone or as thrilling as searching for critically endangered Mountain Gorilla in the steep volcanic mountain jungles of Rwanda – talk about being out of my comfort zone.

As I become more aware a delightful moment is happening, I’ve also noticed I can go days or weeks without one.  That will no longer do.  I’ve decided to pursue creating delightful  moments in my life each day. The idea intrigues me and I can’t wait to get started.

My cat enjoying a delightful moment

Imagine waking up every day and engaging in something that brings you delight.  Imagine having that to look forward to.  It can happen in a moment or last all day.  It is different for each of us and available to us all.  Share the journey with me.  What delights you?  My cat is having one of those moments.

Becci Crowe      Adventure Artist

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Go Ahead – Ask Me

     I was recently interviewed by local writer, Judy Spiers. Being interviewed is an interesting process. I’ve been interviewed multiple times – even on television, but each interview has unique dynamics and a different perspective.  Judy approached me because I’m presenting a special program “In Search of Tigers” based on my journey to India, Nepal, and Thailand in search of some of the last remaining wild Tigers on earth.  As an artist specializing in wildlife, I travel to the wild and remote places where animals live and am increasingly involved in conservation efforts. I love sharing these adventures and the state of the environment through my art, photos, video and story telling to groups and organizations.  For those of you living in Western Washington this program is free and open to the public April 9th, 7 pm, at the Puyallup Public Library.

Tracking wild Tiger on Elephant back in India

Becci and Baby Indian Elephant

But I digress…..the interview……Read on.  I would enjoy your comments and posting the questions Judy didn’t ask me.   Go ahead – ask me. Here’s The Interview 

Join me on the journey.

Becci Crowe Adventure Artist

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Against or For?

Living in the age of social media where information is accessed and shared in seconds is exciting and enlightening. It also brings home, sometimes graphically, the atrocities against ourselves, animals, and the earth that sustains us.  My knee-jerk reaction to violence and destruction is to cry out in anger. I’ve discovered I don’t accomplish much if I’m stuck in anger.  To unstick myself and move forward I turn what I’m ‘against’ into a cause or a purpose I am ‘for’.  Mother Teresa described this concept in the following quote:

“No, I will not march in a protest against war, but when you organize a march for peace, please let me know, I’ll be the first to sign up.”      Mother Teresa

No matter the topic, shifting to this perspective is freeing and empowering.  It creates an environment where I can contribute from a place of compassion.  It feels good to share what I’m for. Below is a photo of one of those many things. I’ve also added several links to my blogroll to share with you.  What are you for?

Becci with orphan elephants in Nairobi

Find out more about these orphans at       Share the journey with me.

Adventure Artist

Becci Crowe

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Love in the Serengeti for Valentines Day

One day while exploring the Serengeti in Tanzania we encountered a pair of courting lions. They wandered away from the pride together in search of privacy and we couldn’t resist seeing how their ‘date’ would turn out. The photos tell the story.


The date starts with a friendly greeting and signs of mutual attraction


So off the pair goes for some time alone


But it's not long before the mood changes



And the irritable exchange accelerates



Mating ensues despite the discord


Indifference sets in


But the day is saved by a beautiful sunset


Happy Valentines Day wherever you are

Where would you like to spend Valentines Day?  I’d like to be sitting under that tree.  Share the journey with me.
Becci Crowe
Adventure Artist
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