Love in the Serengeti for Valentines Day

One day while exploring the Serengeti in Tanzania we encountered a pair of courting lions. They wandered away from the pride together in search of privacy and we couldn’t resist seeing how their ‘date’ would turn out. The photos tell the story.


The date starts with a friendly greeting and signs of mutual attraction


So off the pair goes for some time alone


But it's not long before the mood changes



And the irritable exchange accelerates



Mating ensues despite the discord


Indifference sets in


But the day is saved by a beautiful sunset


Happy Valentines Day wherever you are

Where would you like to spend Valentines Day?  I’d like to be sitting under that tree.  Share the journey with me.
Becci Crowe
Adventure Artist
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2 thoughts on “Love in the Serengeti for Valentines Day

  1. It would be more romantic if I thought he would be faithful to her. That’s not how it works with lions, though, is it? lol


  2. It’s all about being in the moment….


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