Against or For?

Living in the age of social media where information is accessed and shared in seconds is exciting and enlightening. It also brings home, sometimes graphically, the atrocities against ourselves, animals, and the earth that sustains us.  My knee-jerk reaction to violence and destruction is to cry out in anger. I’ve discovered I don’t accomplish much if I’m stuck in anger.  To unstick myself and move forward I turn what I’m ‘against’ into a cause or a purpose I am ‘for’.  Mother Teresa described this concept in the following quote:

“No, I will not march in a protest against war, but when you organize a march for peace, please let me know, I’ll be the first to sign up.”      Mother Teresa

No matter the topic, shifting to this perspective is freeing and empowering.  It creates an environment where I can contribute from a place of compassion.  It feels good to share what I’m for. Below is a photo of one of those many things. I’ve also added several links to my blogroll to share with you.  What are you for?

Becci with orphan elephants in Nairobi

Find out more about these orphans at       Share the journey with me.

Adventure Artist

Becci Crowe

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2 thoughts on “Against or For?

  1. I’m for focusing on the positive too, Becci.


  2. I love this idea, Becci, and am going to try to incorporate it into my own thinking. What am I for? So much of what you work towards through your art, writing and presentations — that the people of the world will understand and appreciate the treasures they have within their borders and will do everything within their power to preserve and protect the incredible animals that dwell alongside them. I am for educating the people of Africa — especially the youth — of the benefits of keeping the wildlife alive and protected so that we can all appreciate and learn from them — especially the generations to come.


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