In the Virunga Mountains of Rwanda with a Silverback Mountain Gorilla - one of my moments

Captivating, amusing, beautiful, engaging, thrilling, pleasurable moments.  That’s what delights me.  It can be as simple as savoring my favorite dark chocolate candy bar – a big one – totally immersed in my comfort zone or as thrilling as searching for critically endangered Mountain Gorilla in the steep volcanic mountain jungles of Rwanda – talk about being out of my comfort zone.

As I become more aware a delightful moment is happening, I’ve also noticed I can go days or weeks without one.  That will no longer do.  I’ve decided to pursue creating delightful  moments in my life each day. The idea intrigues me and I can’t wait to get started.

My cat enjoying a delightful moment

Imagine waking up every day and engaging in something that brings you delight.  Imagine having that to look forward to.  It can happen in a moment or last all day.  It is different for each of us and available to us all.  Share the journey with me.  What delights you?  My cat is having one of those moments.

Becci Crowe      Adventure Artist

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6 thoughts on “Delightful!

  1. dimettler

    I’m having one now. Staying at the Empress and they told me my room wasn’t available, would I take a parlor room with a pullout bed. They’d even give me a free breakfast. I said “yes” because a parlor room sounds fun. And you wouldn’t believe this room. It’s huge, bay window overlooking the bay. I’m savoring every minute. 🙂


  2. Empress for a day! Soak it up. Here’s to more moments like that.


  3. Speaking of “soaking it up” – a croissant dunked in a cup of hot chocolate. That’s the delightful moment I’m having just now. Yesterday, a walk with a friend – for exercise, and to enjoy the outdoors and each other’s company.


    • Thanks for sharing your moments Shannon. When I’m especially enjoying something the pleasure seems to intensify the more I’m aware that I’m having one. It brings me fully into the present. Now for today….something spontaneous may happen or after this cool wet day I may bask in a fragrant bubbly tub with a great book. Something like your latest novel “For Myself Alone” would be perfect.


  4. Karen

    Shannn? An author? Fun! I just got home from a great work-out at Curves and am now going to settle in at home and get some things done. I love practicing my guitar and taking time to watercolor. Later, I’ll be visiting my new little puppy! Can’t wait to bask in some puppy love. ;0) Hope your day is wonderful, Becci. That bubble bath sounds like a wonderful idea!


    • I didn’t know you played guitar Karen. I’ve been pondering learning the banjo but I’m not sure the process of getting through the learning curve would include many delightful moments. I have no doubt seeing your puppy today will bring some great ones.


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