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The Unknown Calls…Will you Answer?

Stepping into the Unknown transformed my life. I shared my journey during my recent TEDx talk now posted on YouTube. I was given 10 minutes. Here it is…Feel free to share and let me know your thoughts…

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Go Ahead – Ask Me

     I was recently interviewed by local writer, Judy Spiers. Being interviewed is an interesting process. I’ve been interviewed multiple times – even on television, but each interview has unique dynamics and a different perspective.  Judy approached me because I’m presenting a special program “In Search of Tigers” based on my journey to India, Nepal, and Thailand in search of some of the last remaining wild Tigers on earth.  As an artist specializing in wildlife, I travel to the wild and remote places where animals live and am increasingly involved in conservation efforts. I love sharing these adventures and the state of the environment through my art, photos, video and story telling to groups and organizations.  For those of you living in Western Washington this program is free and open to the public April 9th, 7 pm, at the Puyallup Public Library.

Tracking wild Tiger on Elephant back in India

Becci and Baby Indian Elephant

But I digress…..the interview……Read on.  I would enjoy your comments and posting the questions Judy didn’t ask me.   Go ahead – ask me. Here’s The Interview 

Join me on the journey.

Becci Crowe Adventure Artist

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Meerkats Anyone?

My Art is inspired by the adventures I have in wild and remote places around the world. I have a treasure chest of video, photos, art and stories to share. A highlight of one of many trips to Africa was joining a clan of Meerkats in the Kalahari Desert in Botswana. I was at their den as they emerged at dawn for their ‘sunning ritual’ and then followed their antics as they busily foraged for frogs and other ‘delicacies’ through out the day. I keep a journal when I’m on location to record my impressions and observations as well as doing some quick pencil sketches. Enjoy this video clip – it starts off with the Meerkats posing for their portrait!    I’ve added the portrait I created of them to the slide show on my blog’s Art Page. Take a look!

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