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The Unknown Calls…Will you Answer?

Stepping into the Unknown transformed my life. I shared my journey during my recent TEDx talk now posted on YouTube. I was given 10 minutes. Here it is…Feel free to share and let me know your thoughts…

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Where is home? Is it where we were born or lived as a child or is it where we end up? Is it a geographical place or a specific abode? Is it one place or can it be plural? Is what comes to each of our hearts when we say “that is home” always associated with the positive? Could you call something home if it were negative? What makes a location feel like home?

I left what I knew as home when I was 19. It was not the place I was born but the place I had lived as long as I was old enough to remember. The details of my leaving is another story, but my destination was Oklahoma where I subsequently spent the next 10 years. Having grown up on the Pacific Coast it was like moving to a foreign country. The land and culture was alien to me. Even after 10 years it never felt like home. I not only missed my family, I still missed ‘my country’.

I married a military officer and we spent many years traveling the world. It was exciting to experience so many new people and places. But as much as I enjoyed it none of the places we lived and traveled ever felt like home and I was always ready to move on. In my heart home was still where my childhood memories were created. Not a specific house – we lived in 4 different ones – but places like grandma’s and the beautiful wilderness that I was free to explore.

The Serengeti, Tanzania

Then one day, I traveled to Africa and something unexpected happened. The concept of home went deeper and wider than I ever imagined. I looked upon the great plains and woodlands, the high mountain ridges and the deep gorges of the Rift Valley that make up Tanzania and felt in my bones I was home. I don’t know where this strong feeling came from other than a deep primal knowing, buried in my DNA, that my roots were here. This feeling has never left me.

My concept of home has changed through the years. What is home to you? Has it changed as your life evolved? What is home?

Join me on the journey.

Becci Crowe   Adventure Artist

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In the Virunga Mountains of Rwanda with a Silverback Mountain Gorilla - one of my moments

Captivating, amusing, beautiful, engaging, thrilling, pleasurable moments.  That’s what delights me.  It can be as simple as savoring my favorite dark chocolate candy bar – a big one – totally immersed in my comfort zone or as thrilling as searching for critically endangered Mountain Gorilla in the steep volcanic mountain jungles of Rwanda – talk about being out of my comfort zone.

As I become more aware a delightful moment is happening, I’ve also noticed I can go days or weeks without one.  That will no longer do.  I’ve decided to pursue creating delightful  moments in my life each day. The idea intrigues me and I can’t wait to get started.

My cat enjoying a delightful moment

Imagine waking up every day and engaging in something that brings you delight.  Imagine having that to look forward to.  It can happen in a moment or last all day.  It is different for each of us and available to us all.  Share the journey with me.  What delights you?  My cat is having one of those moments.

Becci Crowe      Adventure Artist

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What do you know for sure?

Some of the things I once thought I knew haven’t stood the test of time. I know what I love. That’s a long list. I know what I hate. That’s a short list.  But in contemplating the world around me, what do I know for sure?

Over the years my travels have taken me to all kinds places and immersed me in close encounters with people and wildlife.  I’ve stood face to face with indigenous people whose culture and language were as unrecognizeable to me as mine to them. Initially this seemed an insurmountable barrier to communication.  But who needs the same language and culture to express warmth and curiosity and humor and hunger and caring and a helping hand? Even more profound, you don’t have to be the same species. I’ve found similar characteristics in communicating with animals and wildlife.  Talk about different cultures and language!  We’ve all had these experiences with our beloved pets but I can tell you it goes far beyond that.

Becci and baby grey whale

That's me on the bottom right reaching out to a baby gray whale who repeatedly surfaced to watch and splash us

 Once I went to Baja and spent time in an inflatable raft – a zodiac – in the lagoons where the gray whales migrate to give birth. We were at water level with these spectacular marine mammals and could see mother-calf pairs spouting and surfacing around us. Then a very surprising thing happened. A mother swam with her very young calf to our zodiac and surfaced right next to us. They stayed with us for some time as the calf, who was only a few weeks old, repeatedly surfaced to look at us and splash while mother kept watch. I know I was communicating – joy and excitement – as I instinctively reached out but couldn’t quite touch.  And the baby gray was certainly captivated by us. The connection was there. It was tangible if unexplainable. 

Then the mother did a remarkable thing. She swam within inches of the stern of our zodiac, suddenly dove and swam underneath us and then gently surfaced at the bow with inches to spare.  I was able to caress her back as she carefully surfaced.

Caressing the mother gray whale's back

She was also reaching out and communicating in her way. These were wild marine mammals.  So what do I know for sure? We are truly connnected with all life on earth.

Tell me what you know for sure. What has stood the test of time for you? Join me in the journey.

Becci Crowe

Adventure Artist

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If I’m not Living on the Edge I’m Taking up Too Much Space

Becci with Painted Dogs in Africa
Surrounded by Painted Hunting Dogs in Africa

I don’t remember who first said this but it struck a cord with me. My passion for the wildlife and wild places that inspires my Art also compels me to travel and explore remote parts of the world. I’ve often found myself entirely out of my comfort zone – but loving every minute of it!  I thought I was learning about the world when I traveled but the real surprise was  how much I learned about myself. And living on the edge – as in getting out of my comfort zone from time to time – is not only stimulating but opens up all kinds of new possibilities.  Try it!

     Start by changing one thing in your daily routine or do something you’ve always wanted to do but have hesitated simply because it’s new. You may learn “I never want to do that again” (been there – done that) but chances are just the act of doing something new will energize you to try other things which in turn lead to wonderful experiences.

     Challenge yourself and share what’s worked (or not) for you. I’ll be sharing my journeys in art, travel, and conservation here.  Join me!

Becci Crowe 

Adventure Artist

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